Homes for Heroes (HFH) & Military Relocation Professional (MRP)

In addition to Cynthia Hash having her (Military Relocation Professional) MRP designation, she is also an affiliate of Homes for Heroes.

Who are the heroes that Homes for Heroes rewards?

Shortly after 9/11, Homes for Heroes, Inc. was established to give back to the following heroes for all they do, when they buy, sell or refinance:

  • Firefighters
  • EMS
  • Law enforcement
  • Military (active, reserves & veterans)
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Teachers

If you are a hero and would like to get started, please go to and start filling out the quick questionnaire right on your mobile device or, if on a laptop, click at the top right "Start Saving Now."  If you have any issues at all, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Upon completion, I should receive a notification and will contact you shortly after.

Looking forward to working with you!

What is Homes for Heroes and what does it do?

  • Provides savings to heroes who provide extraordinary services to our nation and its communities every day.
  • Is the largest nationwide network of affiliate real estate, mortgage, and local business specialists; committed to providing easy ways for heroes to save on a home.
  • Provides heroes with more savings than any other national program. When heroes buy or sell a home using Homes for Heroes, they also help other heroes in need because Homes for Heroes, Inc. donates a portion of its earnings to the Homes for Heroes Foundation. This Circle of Giving strengthens American communities by putting more money into the hands of our American heroes, and benefits American community programs, organizations and businesses.

What is the Homes for Heroes Foundation?

The Homes for Heroes Foundation was created to support heroes in the community facing a housing crisis or in need of urgent financial assistance.

Cynthia Hash
Principal Broker & Owner
Find Homes Realty

Our Military Relocation Professional (MRP) certified REALTOR®, Cynthia Hash, is a real estate professionals who wants to work with current and former military service members. The MRP certification program educated Cynthia about working with U.S. service members and their families and veterans to find the housing solutions that best suit their needs and to take full advantage of available benefits and support.

Cynthia gained the following:

  • Understanding of the processes and procedures involved in a military relocation and how these impact service members’ relocation and housing choices
  • Ability to provide information to help members through a rent or buy, sell or rent decision-making process
  • Ability to identify and provide services that help service members sell or find and purchase suitable homes
  • The knowledge of the military relocation process you need to guide service members through the real estate transaction
  • Ability to explain the basics of VA financing
  • Access to tools and resources to help her current/former military service member clients.

I lost my son in 2015. He was a Marine (in the service for 5 years). I miss him every day and do my best to help all military members and vets as well as anyone struggling with suicidal thoughts through the foundation we created in our son's name.

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