Commitment to Excellence (C2EX)

Commitment to Excellence (C2EX) from the National Association of REALTORS® empowers REALTORS® to evaluate, enhance and showcase their highest levels of professionalism. It's not a course, class or designation—it's an Endorsement that REALTORS® can promote when serving clients and other REALTORS®. C2EX earned several awards in the leadership/professional advacement sectors and was recognized for its contributions on the local, national and global levels.

How does working with a REALTOR® who has the C2EX benefit you? 

- REALTORS® who have received the C2EX Endorsement are those industry professionals who work tirelessly to solve problems and strengthen lives in the workforce, the economy, and the world. 

- You benefit from working with a REALTOR® who continues leading the charge and setting the bar for what excellence and professionalism mean. The C2EX program gives all REALTORS® an opportunity, right now, to prove and build upon their expertise (ranging from customer service to use of technology). 

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