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6 Home Appraisal Myths You Need to Stop Believing Immediately

Putting your home up for sale can be an emotional endeavor. After you come to terms with saying goodbye to a place where you created countless memories, some stranger with a clipboard comes along

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5 Improvements That Shout ‘Updated!’

“Houses that need updating put a pause in buyers’ minds,” says salesperson Stephanie Mallios of Compass NJ in Short Hills, N.J. “Renters usually have no idea how much it

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7 Tips for Getting Over Home Improvement Hurdles

Umanoide - UnsplashAlmost every homeowner has a home improvement horror story to share—not finding an available remodeler, waiting months for appliances, having doors delivered that are the

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I Have to Pay for That?

When they experience their first leaky faucet, cold blast of air, or foundation crack, many first-time home buyers panic. Help ward off regret by connecting them with specialists and giving them a

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