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Homeowner Tip - Light fixtures

Find Homes Realty provides a range of exceptional benefits when it comes to selling your home in the Charlottesville area. Get the price that you are looking for without the hassle while you move

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Parents Helping You Buy a Home? Keep These Things in Mind

It’s not uncommon for parents to help their children buy a home. In fact, according to a 2020 survey by Loan Depot, 65% of parents said they were willing to help their adult child buy a home

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Buying a Home? Make Sure to Check All of These Items off Your To-Do List Before the Closing

You’re purchasing a home! Congratulations, it’s an exciting time! But before you can officially close on your property, there are some tasks you’ll need to check off your to-do.

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Thinking About a Home Renovation? Here Are Signs You May Want to Wait

Home renovations can be a great idea; not only can they help you experience your home in a fresh, new way, but they can also add value to your property—which is great if you’re

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